+ Version 2 July, 2017: small bug found and fixed in post script generation module. + Version 1 May, 2017: numerous small potential bugs discovered. Tectonic transport direction display and calculation for SC data sets, and also mean tectonic transport direction calculation has been implemented. + Version 11 November, 2016: one bug fixed in the module dumping inversion method. During this exercise, bug in mingw discovered. + Version 19 August, 2016: one important and numerous little changes. From now, you can display more groups on the same chart, with desired coloring, and with relevant inversion information. One bug in forced Andersonial conditions processing fixed. Bug in formation tops display fixed, and many very little but frustrating display issues were solved. + Version 28 March, 2016: many little changes. This version is a bug fix release, little but numerous bugs fixed, majority doesn't really affect the outcome, but they were real and existing catches. Important change is to generate a single and merged pdf file for both for individual files, and a single merged file. + Version 29 October, 2015: many important changes. New well data processing module was implemented to interpret probability of deformation zones along the well bore, using FMI / XRMI data sets. Until now, two vectors were describing movement direction (one for the movement trajectory, and the other one for the direciton along it) - they were combined. Sort functions were changed to stable_sort. Numerous new etalons were introduced, and numerous minor bugs or potential bugs were eliminated. Bug in the fault plane drawing module fixed. + Version 20 May, 2015: few minor bugs corrected. Some crazy functions, flipping average vectors, were removed. Bedding average calculation method has changed, resulting in some minor misfit relative to the results of the previous versions. Maximum and minimum eigenvectors of the PTN calculation (Spang 1972) were incorrect, the [-x, -y, -z] coordinates were processed. + Version 04 March, 2015: numerous minor bugs corrected. The source code was completely re-written to make it more transparent and easy-to-maintain. Standards were implemented to cross check the complete calculation and display methodology. Colour code and group code management was modified to make it as clear as possible. One critical issue was solved in the brute force inversion calculation methodology: incorrect misfit angle was calculated in the last step of the iteration. Maximum and minimum eigenvalues of the PTN calculation (Spang 1972) were mixed up, resulting in the swap of s1 and s3 axes. + Version 31 March, 2014: important changes were made in the program. Contouring of the input data set using plane dip direction, plane normals, plane strike direction or striae bearing, or lineation bearing as input was developed. Brute force inversion module was established. Serious bug was corrected in the bedding correction module: the striae lineations weren't corrected during bedding correction, only the fault planes were manupulated. Other bug in the settings file generation was noticed: line width data format (accepted by the software) was not according to the standard. To avoid these problemes in the future, an internal 'standard output' was developed to monitor change of the processed data sets. + Version 27 October, 2013: major changes in the program. Tilting module is able to handle over turned beds, average calculation module was developed (using linear regression for >2 data). Singularity test for the linear regression module has been developed. New options are available: clustering of the slickenside data set is possible using ANG or RUP data (angular misfit and relative 'slip length', respectively). New option for rose diagrams has been developed: either dip direction or strike (in right hand rule) if the input data set can be chosen for the rose plot. Grayscale plot export option has been developed, ideal for publications. + Version 20 March, 2013: since this version, new modules installed for stress tensor singularity and vector length check to avoid processing of singular stress tensors and nullvectors; 'Demo' option in GUI. + Version 11 February, 2013: mistypings in GUI and dummy output of console application corrected. + Version 03 February, 2013: eps to pdf converter evaluated; minor changes in Demo module.